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Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Loyalty marketing creates and rewards loyal customers. Loyal customers develop a muscle, an unconscious attraction, towards the brands and services they utilize. People are known to drive by ten stores that carry the same brand of milk to buy at their favorite store based on cleanliness, service, and formal rewards programs. In an increasingly transparent and connected world, the intentional cultivation of customer loyalty and differentiated programs is a critical tool for success..

Research tells us that if a customer rates you a five on a scale of one to five, they are six times more likely to return than if they rate you as a four. LoyalNation helps clients to incrementally move “satisfaction” to “elation” by exceeding expectations and building lasting customer relationships. Not only are satisfied, loyal customers your best advertising; they are your best customers. Keeping the people you do business with happy is much less expensive than creating new customers. LoyalNation has turned the craft of creating raving fans into an art form for companies just like yours with extensive customer loyalty programs.


Loyalty Marketing

Whether you are looking to increase wallet share with your client, launch a new product, solicit customer feedback, or build ongoing referrals, your customers represent an important resource for active and profitable engagement. LoyalNation provides hands on support in the development of practical solutions with measurable ROI. Engaged customers drive market share and LoyalNation is skilled in creating an environment for engagement that increases customer loyalty.

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Loyalty Solutions

As an entrepreneur or business leader, the plan for your customer loyalty strategy may be clear. LoyalNation can help with the fulfillment of rewards through events, merchandise fulfillment, gift card management, and more. Our specialty is finding the perfect solution to motivate your audience and drive desired behaviors. If the plan isn’t as clear as the goals, LoyalNation can help to customize loyalty solutions for your organization that drive targeted customer behaviors over and over again.

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Promotional Items and Wearables

There’s an army of people out there ready and willing to wear and carry your brand every day – and all you have to do is put it in their hands. Through advertising specialties and wearables, your brand gets out in the public for marketing with your greatest “fans” -employees and customers. LoyalNation offers access to hundreds of thousands of options online or through direct consultation with one of our Performance Specialists.

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