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employee rewards

Employee Rewards

Employee Rewards

Employee Rewards are a distinct motivational tool from salary and commissions

Employee Rewards are a distinct motivational tool from salary and commissions

Any job can and will deliver a paycheck. Your employee rewards program needs to add vitality to your workplace and motivation to your workforce to provide incremental discretionary effort and creativity.

Effective Employee Reward and Recognition is fundamental to breakthrough performance and has been shown to have a direct relationship to long term corporate ROE and targeted market results. An employee’s sense of worth to the organization directly relates to their motivation and dedication. In short, people who think they matter perform in a way that matters. LoyalNation has two distinct product lines to support employee rewards and recognitions:

Corporate Online Communities: Corporate Online Communities foster and enhance internal collaboration and communication within a company or professional group. The LoyalNation solution enables employees to earn “flair” for project achievement, management recognition, and peer applause. Participants earn their icons for display on individual walls and management may associate value with designated awards for redemption through our online shopping mall.

Involvement in a corporate online community develops a sense of belonging and enables managers and co-workers to reach out to employees motivating them by making them feel a part of the organization.

Corporate online communities also serve as virtual workspaces and can act as an idea sharing platform to drive workplace innovation. These communities can be used as outward facing support systems, complete with video training tutorials and ask the expert forums to further customer service and support.

Manager Command Center: The key to employee recognition is manager and leadership involvement. Technology and enlightened process enables managers to be more effective in driving performance while helping leadership identify where recognition is flowing and where team manager coaching and communication may be helpful . LoyalNation has developed a full service manager command center that enables recognition through the desktop and mobility applications– helping to inspire and reward great performance in a manner and medium that fits the individual manager style. By centralizing the reward function, the company can gain cost efficiency and a view of what’s being reward, by whom, and to whom. All of these are invaluable data points in aligning corporate rewards with overarching strategy.

Today’s businesses are full of Generation X and Generation Y employees who grew up using keyboards and joysticks, the Internet and mobile devices. LoyalNation’s online communities make it possible for you to say, “this is not your father’s rewards and recognition program”.

If you’re ready to start developing your “next gen” Employee Rewards solution, call LoyalNation today at 877.856.9256.

“We’ve been using the LoyalNation solution for over three years and continue to appreciate it’s flexibility for programs AND that rewards are still totally relevant to our diverse base of participants.”
- S.M., Manager, International Banking



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