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Performance Jet

Performance Jet

Incentive Reward Programs Through Performance JetTM

Performance Jet is a module of the P.R.I.D.E. Platform TM that focuses on the reward of incremental improvement of specific behaviors or performance levels – be that with employees, sales teams, distributors, or franchisees. While the incentive design possibilities are limitless, the following are a few key features of the Performance Jet TM suite:

Private labeled and flexible delivery suite: A custom solution, affordably priced.

  • Choose the components, branding, and team appreciation program structure that suits your needs – with the configuration options to grow and adapt over time; 
  • Measure, track and manage incentive programs.
  • All users are authenticated to the site enabling appropriate views of targeted content, administration rights, and personalized messaging.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) protocol or user ID and password with vanity URL options.


Incentives that matter: You match the rewards with the audience for success

  • Online virtual mall with access to millions of merchandise and travel options;
  • Gift cards enabled for hundreds of retailers;
  • Reloadable and single load debit cards; .
  • Corporate store of logo’d and other awards of your choice.


  Recognize the producers: Recognition and accountability for performance

  • Rankings of performance against defined goals and metrics;
  • Featured performers and messaging throughout the portal ;
  • Recognition through personal pages and online trophy case
  • Integration with offline programs that may include plaques, branded items, and travel.


  Communication and Collaboration: Engage those that deliver the product

  • Robust content management functionality to support new program and information pages;
  • Discussion groups for topics like competitor intel, sales best practices, and suggestions for improvement;
  • Internal blogs for posting of new product information, policies, and practices.  Participants can then have questions answered and interact around those topics;
  • Searchable database to locate information around past discussions in blogs and forums.


If you’re interested in a free consultation or demonstration of Performance Jet capabilities and how that might support your business objectives, call us today at 877.856.9256.

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